Understanding Radar Basics

Training formed by William Jacob: Edit 526

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Types of Radar Technology

  1. Bi-static Radar
  2. Continous Wave
  3. Doppler Radar
  4. Passive radar

Radar Production Times
Radar Name Month's Required Average Cost Percentage On-Time
S 41 Radar (Continous) 20 40 83%
Sea Giraffe (Passive) 28 78 72%
Sea Sparrow (Passive) 17 33 91%
The shart shoows a radar screen with mulitple different radar ping involved. it is a 360 degree radar platform


The image shows a 360 degree radar screen that has mulitple different radar hits on it. These hits respresent a ping that the radio signal left the antenna, and returned carrying the location of that respective object


https://www.freepik.com/free-vector/radar-screen-illustration_11053463.htm#query=radar%20screen&position=2&from_view=keyword This picture was downloaded from a free picture site. Radar 360 degree view