Understanding Radar Basics

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Exectuive Summary

Radar is one of the more crucial elements in many aspects of the modern world, but specifically aids our modern defense solutions. Radar can be found on every US ship and plane establishing capabilities that aid in detection, advancement, and overall knowledge of surrounding areas. Understanding the basics of radar technology helps new students understand the HOW and WHY questions before putting their knowledge into action. Before learning to operate a system, understanding the capabilities of the radar technology is crucial to performance. Along with radar capabilities, learning the basic makeup of the radar will helps learners establish a baseline as to what part contributes to various operations. Radar systems are used to detect the location or distance of an object that is still or in motion. This knowledge creates a variety of understanding as to the next action of the operator. This website is created to relate basic radar operation, radar components, and radar technology to incoming sailors. This knowledge will become a pivotal precursor to understand how to operate and use the system to maximum capability. The course will be instructed in three sections. Initially, the basic operations of the radar will be discussed. Second, radar components and their use will be instructed. Lastly, how radar’s use their technology to achieve accurate location in real time. Sailors completing this course will learn a baseline understanding of how a radar operates. In combination with the pieces, it requires to achieve maximum capability.

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Introduction Radar facts

  • Question 1: When was radar invented?
  • Question 2: What does RADAR stand for?
  • Question 3: WHat was the first war RADAR was used in?
  • Question 4: How does radar Operate?
  • Question 5: WHen was "air" and "sea" radar created?
  • QUestion 6: What does radar do?
  • Answer 1: 1935
  • Answer 2: Radio Detetcion and Ranging
  • Answer 3: WW2
  • Answer 4:Using the Electromatic Spectrum
  • Answer 5:1970-1975
  • Answer 6:Establishes the distance between two objects