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Get to know Victoria's family

Read below to learn more about the members of Victoria's family. Be sure to answer the questions and choose which family member is most like you.

The Family

What About You?

silhouette of a family of six

Take a moment to reflect on your special talents and unique characteristics.
Place a checkmark next to family members you most closely match.
Will it be one of the children, an adult, or more than one?

  1. Eric
  2. Laney
  3. Sabrina

Our Favorite Pets

Favorite Pets
large medium small
giraffe warthog rat
gorilla alpaca tardigrade
giant squid emu cockatiel

Charting Opinions of Britons and Americans on "Which Animals They Could Beat in a Fight"

infographic comparing percentage of Brits and Americans answering the question, Which animals could you beat in a fight, 
a detailed description is provided below

This chart shows responses from adults in Great Britain and the U.S. that answered the question, "Which of the following animals, if any, do you think you could beat in a fight if you were unarmed?" For every animal, from goose to kangaroo, Americans responded with more confidence that they could take down every animal listed. The survey was conducted in 2021 by statista. Over 1200 U.S. adults and 2000 G.B. adults participated in the survey.

Come Join Us!

Historic Heart  Modern Beat   is our city's motto.
Take a look at what our town has to offer by following this link to explore the City of Manassas.
Some of our favorites are the Farmer's Market and the library. You can visit the museum, too.