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My name is Sarah Norris and I'm a single mother of two little ones, a professional, a recent cancer survivor, a reformed artist and bookworm, a lifelong learner, and a really bad coder. I work hard to make sure that I spend quality time with my children, while also showing them what hard work looks like. Everything I do is for my children, rather it's baking, playing games, kissing boo boos, being silly, working, or continuing my education. Baking is something that I did with my grandmother and I'm happy to pass that tradition to my children. Because I treasure those memories, I know someday they will, too. I am someone who looks for the silver linings in all things, and the silver lining to having cancer was asking myself what I would leave my children and having the opportunity to reflect on that and focus on quality time as much as possible. I knew that if I left them this soon, they wouldn't remember me, but they'd probably remember the feeling of baking with me and with luck, that would become a joy for them just like it became a joy for me. So while our "Boppin' Blooberry Muffin" story is cute and a little funny, baking with my kiddos got me through a really tough time. I'm very happy that I am able to continue baking with them, hopefully for many, many more years to come.


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