Boppin' Bloobery Muffins

Making Boppin Blooberry Muffins

This site shares a recipe and story that are both dear to my heart.

blueberry muffin MEET A BOPPIN BLOOBERRY!

Executive Summary

This website serves two purposes. The main purpose is to share a great blueberry muffin recipe. The second is to share our family story and why we call these our "Boppin' Blooberry Muffins". You can read about that story on the "Our Story" page. The "Recipe" page covers not only the ingredients list and recipe, but a helpful list of bake times for different pan sizes, and a short video on how you can tweak the recipe in different ways to make it your own. Lastly, the "Contact" page has contact information as well as a contact form for a fictional Muffin of the Month e-mail subscription.

Accessibility Summary

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