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Pollinator Garden

Tools and Time

Identifying Which Flowers Grow Best In Your Region

Pollinator Flowers Climate Regions
Flower Region Planting Season
Coneflower Warmer region Spring
Sunflower All regions Summer
Lavender Warm, dry regions Spring

Selecting Flowers That Last

It can be best to select flowers that will come back year after year. This saves you time from having to plant flowers every Spring.

Perennial Flowers

Tools Needed

Time to Plant

  1. Select a location with appropriate amount of sun for flowers selected.
  2. Using a garden rake, remove leaves or other things covering dirt.
  3. Once dirt is exposed, use shovel to dig planting holes.
  4. Pour water into the holes dug.
  5. Place seeds or bulbs into holes.
  6. Cover holes with dirt.