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Pollinator Garden

What is a pollinator garden?

Visit the U.S. Forest Service to learn more about bee pollination.

A pollinator garden is made up of plants that attract pollinators such as bees and butterflies.

This is a PDF transcript of the video.

Executive Summary and Accessibility TestingA

The cycle of pollination is something that is important to our ecosystem that impacts the world around us. In order for many plants to continue to grow they must be pollinated. One of the most important contributors to the act of pollinating are bees. In recent years there has been a decline in the bee population. Plants can pollinate through wind or other environmental ways, but one of the most successful ways is through bees. Planting a pollinator garden not only adds beauty to your community, it also helps to sustain and grow the bee population. This instructional project is going to identify the appropriate flowers that are best for a pollinator garden. It will contain information about gardening techniques and appropriate gardening tools. The intended audience are those wanting to learn more about gardening and pollinating. The Accessibility Summary PDF identifies how this website was tested.

yellow butterfly pollinating a pink coneflower