Heading 1

First Level 2 Heading

Sihouette against purple and pink sunset background.  Photo by Dilan NaGi on Unsplash

This is a paragraph about the first things I'd want to say about the image above. I'd be sure to use strong words in a few places and emphasized words in a few others.

Second Level 2 Heading

In this second paragraph, I might talk about some other important things to think about, like the ideas of Vincent Brown and Dr. Janet Reid, which they've named Intrinsic Inclusion TM. This paragraph would introduce the concepts, and include a list.

List of Things

  1. First Item
  2. Second Item
  3. Third Item
  4. Fourth Item

I'd finish out the paragraph with a few more nice words before I move on to the next paragraph.

Another Heading 2

In this paragraph, I'd find a reason to need subscripts. Water is fantastic, so I'd refer to it as H2O. If we talk about water, we have to get into oceans, tides, lakes, pollution, ecosystems, global warming, indigenous cultures, glaciers, Vitamin D3, sunscreen, whales, freshwater fish, and maybe even the Loch Ness Monster. Oh, hey! That could be a list of some kind! Let's try something.

List of Water Stuff

This paragraph would close out with a link to follow if the reader wanted to learn more about water. It would say Visit Brittanica.com to learn more about water!

Thanks for visiting and playing along! Come back soon - it'll get better!