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Everything about Turkish Coffee

Ways of Serving Turkish Coffee

This is how Turkish coffee should be served, accompanied by one or two pieces of lokum and a glass of water.

Cups and Saucers

The most traditional way of serving Turkish coffee is by using "demitasse" cups and saucers. Each "demitasse" cup is equal to one serving of Turkish coffee (roughly equivalent to 3 fluid ounces or 90 milliliters). These cups and saucers are made from very thin porcelain and are often very ornately decorated.

A set of demitasse cups.

Optional Ingredients

Optional ingredients that can be added during the brewing process include:


Turkish coffee is usually accompanied by a glass of water and an assortment of Turkish delights. The glass of water is usually drunk before drinking the coffee and is used as a "palate cleanser." The Turkish delights, though, are eaten after drinking the coffee (usually when no sugar is added to the coffee itself). Turkish delights are known as "lokum" in Turkish and "loukoumi" in Greek.

An assorted variety of lokum.