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Everything about Turkish Coffee

Cooking Apparatuses Used for Preparing Turkish Coffee

Several copper Turkish coffee pots laying on a bed of coffee beans.

Names for the Turkish Coffee Pot

The Turkish coffee pot is referred to by several names. For one, the word "ibrik" is the Arabic and Turkish way of referring to these pots. Turks also refer to it as a cezve (pronounced jez-ve). Greek, on the other hand, uses a derived form of "ibrik" -- brikee -- to refer to these pots.


Traditionally, the Turkish coffee pot is made from brass or copper, though in modern times, it can also be made out of stainless steel.

Pots made from brass can be very highly ornamented and can have either a brass or wooden handle. Pots made from copper are just like those made from brass, except that their interiors are lined with tin. Pots of the stainless steel variety are not ornamented. Their handles are typically made from plastic or stainless steel. Usually, they are not protected on the inside by any non-stick surface (e.g. Teflon).

A Turkish coffee pot made from stainless steel with a black plastic handle.


Turkish coffee pots consist of two parts: the pot and the handle.

The Pot

The sides of the pot taper inwardly from the bottom of the pot till approximately 1/8 the distance fro the topo fo the pot, at which point they taper back outwardly again. The lip of the pot on the left-hand side of the handle provides a spout from which the contents of the post can easily be poured.

The Handle

The handle can either be riveted or screwed into the lip of the pot. Traditionally, it forms a 15-degree angle up and away from the lip of the pot relative to the bottom of the pot.


The size of the pot is based on serving size, with one serving size equaling 3 fluid ounces, or 90 milliliters. This is based on the size of the demitasse cup (for more information on the demitasse cup, see Ways of Serving).

Different sizes of copper Turkish coffee pots.

There are six sizes of Turkish coffee pot, with the smallest being for 1 serving size and the largest being for 6 serving sizes. Please refer to the following table for more information on these sizes.

Serving Sizes for Ibrik
Serving Sizes Milliliters (mL) Fluid Ounces (fl. oz.)
1 90 3
2 180 6
3 270 9
4 360 12
5 450 15
6 540 18