Web Accessibility Basics

Good Hyperlink Text Example

Example: Try reading this article about a Mason alum: Lights! Camera! Action! Mason Alum Creates Own Film Festival.

HTML code snippet:

<a href="https://www2.gmu.edu/focused-your-future/lights-camera-action-mason-alum-creates-own-film-festival"/>Lights! Camera! Action! Mason Alum Creates Own Film Festival</a/>.

Play the audio file below to how the previous sentence sounds to a screen reader user:

It is fairly simple to make hyperlinks accessible. The href attribute stays the same. Simply change the label text between the opening and closing a tags.

Screen Reader Testing Activity:

Turn on NVDA. Press the down arrow key to move through the web page. Now, what is announced when it encounters the hyperlink? Do you see the difference an good hyperlink text makes?