Joe's Smoked Ribs

Perfect looking ribs

A cross section cut of a couple perfect looking ribs with some sauce smeared on them

Executive Summary

For my instructional project, I will be creating a website that shares my personal rib smoking method for all who wish to enjoy. The site will be broken down between a main page that welcomes the reader and maps out the sections at a high level. Those sections are Ingredients, Prepping, Cooking and Serving. Ingredients will go over the various items the cook will need that may need to be picked up or placed out before hand. Prepping will cover all of the work that goes into he ribs between taking them out of the packaging and putting them on the smoker. Cooking will go into the devises needed and the various points of contact the cook will have with the meat. Finally serving will look into how long to let the ribs rest and cutting them up. My intended audience is someone with a smoker and a passion for smoked meats, but is not caught up in pretentious beliefs common in the professional smoking community. You can find a ton of websites expelling the virtues of their BBQ competition winning ribs, where the eater can take a clean bite and all the meat stays on the bone. While it may be nice for judging purposes in which only the perfect middle cut bone on each rack is submitted, it just does not work at home. I like my ribs to be sloppy and falling off the bone from how tender they are, I bet others are the same way, this is for them.

Accessibility Testing Summary

Welcome to my Recipe

A rack of ribs on a smoker

Have you purchased a smoker but are getting burnt out just making chicken over and over again? Time to fire up some wood (or pellets) and make some ribs. This delicious part of the pig is a restaurant staple, and can be smoked up with little hassle by simply following my four phased approach.

What type of Smoker do I need?

Use whatever type of smoker you have, whether it be an offset, gas powered, electric or pellet (like me).

Pellet Smoker

A Pit Boss brand pellet grill, 440 Series