What is a Spring Roll?

A spring roll is an umbrella term for a rolled appetizer with origins in Chinese and other Southeast Asian countries. The filling, wrapper, and construction vary widely between regions and cultures. Typically, spring rolls are filled with some type of meat with accompanying vegetables.

Regional History


The name spring roll is derived from Chinese tradition of making rolls filled with spring vegetables served during the new season and Chinese New Year. The wrapper is flour-based and the fillings are various vegetable and meat combinations.


Another popular version of the spring roll hails from Vietnam. The Vietnamese spring roll, also known as a summer roll, is made with a rice-based wrapper and is typically served fresh.


The United States has created their own, “Americanized” version of the spring roll, which is commonly referred to as an egg roll. Egg rolls are typically flour and egg-based wrapper and served deep-fried.

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Huggins Family Spring Rolls

My family has their own version of the spring roll, which I learned to make growing up and continue to make regularly to this day. This spring roll is made with a rice-based wrapper and filled with one protein and fresh herb of choice, and any additional crunchy vegetables or other ingredients. These are served fresh with a homemade peanut sauce.