Huggins' Spring Roll Recipe

Here's the recipe for how my family makes spring rolls.


There are must-have ingredients, then many optional ingredients to choose from based on your personal preference.

Must-Have Ingredients

Optional Ingredients

Ingredient Type Instructions Suggestions
Protein Choose at least 1 Tofu, chicken, shrimp
Crunchy Vegetables Choose at least 2 Carrot, cucumber, bell pepper, lettuce, mung bean sprouts
Herbs Choose 1 Basil, mint, cilantro
Other Add as you like Rice noodles, jalapeno, avocado


Example spread of prepped spring roll ingredients. Full description under heading titled, Image Description.
  1. Collect and prepare your ingredients. This includes choosing your optional ingredients to include, cooking protein, and chopping any vegetables into thin strips. Line up ingredients on a cutting board or cookie sheet for easy access.
  2. Place warm water into a shallow dish, such as a cake pan or pie dish. Reference the image on this page as an example spread.
  3. Place one rice paper into the water and let sit for 15-20 seconds until soft.
  4. Carefully pull the rice paper out of the water and lay it out flat in front of you.
  5. Leaving about 1 inch open on all sides, place your chosen ingredients onto the bottom third of the rice paper.
  6. Fold the bottom of the rice paper around the fillings until it is covered, then fold in the sides like you would a burrito.
  7. Roll the rest of the way.
  8. Repeat until you run out of ingredients
  9. When finished, serve with a sauce of your liking. My suggested peanut sauce recipe is included in the video shown on this page.

Peanut Sauce

Click the following link to download transcript of the video: Video Transcript

Image Description

Spread of prepped spring roll incredients: cucumber, carrot, red pepper, lettuce, rice noodles, tofu, and herbs. Each ingredient is sliced in a long, thin sections to fit into the spring roll. In the center is a cake pan filled with water, which will be used to soak the rice paper.