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Save a Life, Learn CPR

Meet the Designer

My name is Bethany and I am currently enrolled in the Learning Design and Technology master’s program at George Mason University. This course was my first introduction to HTML, CSS, and accessibility. I really enjoyed taking this course, and I look forward to developing my web design skills in the future. I am thankful this class was primarily focused on accessibility issues within the web and not just design, as I learned a lot by navigating through various web pages without sight and without hearing. I think this is a great class for any student to enroll in to not only learn valuable basic HTML skills, but to better understand the world we live in. I chose to create instruction on how to do CPR because I believe it is something everyone should know. While I believe the general public has basic knowledge of the procedure, I am glad I now understand the difference between adult, child, infant, and pet CPR, and I hope that after reviewing this site you will too. Please watch the video below to learn more about the CPR mannequin Resuscitation Anne, or Rescue Annie. To access the transcript for the video, follow the link below the video.

PDF of Video Transcript

Pet CPR and Other Useful Links

Man doing chest compressions on a dog
Headshot of Bethany Wagener

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