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Frequently Asked Questions

I forgot to submit my timesheet, what do I do?

That is totally ok! Please fill out the Corrected Timesheet Form to ensure you get paid for that time period.
However, please keep in mind that part of your job duties are to fill timesheets out and you should not rely on this method.

I don't have card access to the CLUB anymore, how can I get it back?

We often experience issues with card access, please email the CLUB admin to ensure the issue is logged for reporting.
In addition, you may re-submit the Electronic Access Form Requesting access for "CLUB-WAGE" access levels.

I can't make my shift, will I get a demerit?

Demerits are given when policy is not followed. Please refer to the Handbook for proper guidance on shift drop procedure, deadlines, and protocol.

A computer is broken or something is missing what do I do about it?

Please Teams Message or email the CLUB administrator detailing the issue, include screenshots or photos wherever possible so that the CLUB admin can properly submit a ticket.

Can my friends visit me during work?

Work time is work time, not socialization or group project time. If your friends do decide to come to the CLUB, they must be utilizing the CLUB's resources. They may not linger or sit at the front desk.

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