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Hi, I'm Sid!

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Pronouns: She/They

Sid Yi has been the Administrator of the CLUB lab since 2018. Sid has worked in University IT fields since 2014. They graduated from JMU with a degree in Advertising but found technology a much more fulfilling field. Sid's interests and hobbies include: weightlifting, DIY music, baking, and film photography.

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Executive Summary and Accessibility Testing

Executive Summary


The purpose of this site is to provide new and existing employees with training, resources, and other information regarding their employment at the CLUB Lab. As the job requires employees to be tech support, the site will provide resources for answering common issues, or places for employees to point patrons in the case that we are unable to assist.


The audience is mainly employees of the CLUB lab. These employees are college students who need to be able to access information easily. In addition, this website should cater to the admin of the CLUB lab so that information may be easily updated when changes do occur.


Accessibility Testing

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