Meet the Munaires Family

Hello! Welcome to the Munaires family webpage. Here you will learn a little bit about each member of our family.

Rachel & Marcos

Rachel & Marcos met at Liberty University in 2011 and were married eight years later in Fredericksburg, VA. One of Rachel and Marcos' favorite things to do together is play games and when asked to liste their three favorits they said:

  1. Yatzee
  2. Ticket to Ride
  3. Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle

Paisley & Zim

Paisley & Zim are Rachel & Marcos' two dogs and they could not be more different from one another! While Paisley enjoys sleeping all day making the most of her retirement from her racing days, Zim is an energetic 4 month old puppy who cannot get enough play time. While they have their differences both of them can agree on their love for the below:

Two dogs laying on a couch