Importance of Accessability and Web Content

  1. What is Accessability
  2. Key Characteristics of Accessability
  3. Four Principles of Accessability

What is Accessability

Accessabiity allows for individuals with disabilities to have equal access to information on the world wide web. With a variety of services now available on the web, accessability has become more importnat now than ever. To ensure equal opportunity, it is necessary that web pages are set up with certain specifications. The following paragraph will discuss the various aspects of a what makes a successful website accessable .

Key Characteristics of Accessability

Individuals that suffer from visual impairments such as color blindness, glaucoma, degeneration, or optic neuritis can reduce contrast sensitivity. One way to combat this issue if for web creators to provide sufficient contrast by using carefully choosing colors, hues and textures. When choosing a color, it's important to stick to primary colors. This ensures individuals with color blindness aren't thrown off with variety of colors that carry the same hue. A website the helps users understand how colors have an affect on the user, access the website: Visit Color Safe.

Another important aspect of accessability is to ensure that text alternatives are used on images. In doing so, this allows individuals that rely on text or screen readers to ensure proper information is relayed to the user. Mouse-only navigation also does not allow individuals that rely on screen readers to navigate or identify important links on the page. When it comes to accessability it is important that all aspects of of disparities amongst user population disabilities is recognized.

Let's review some key points to accessabiity

  1. Color/contrast specifications
  2. Label pictures to allow for screen readers
  3. Write out description of links for screen readers

Four Principles of Accessability

Resources pulled from Web accessability.

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Perceivable Operable Understandable Robust
users can understand it using one or more of their senses User can control UI elements Content is understandable Web standards are sufficient to be used across various platforms

Complex Image

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