Cooking Traditional Filipino Dishes

Food is one of the most common ways in which we can connect with each other as humans. For many of people, their fondest memories often involve food. We can spend quality time with loved ones over a delicious meal or show our appreciation for someone by cooking a meal for them. Food is also a powerful method of preserving and sharing one’s culture, a task that can be particularly difficult for those that come from immigrant families. This website is designed to share traditional Filipino dishes with visitors through easy-to-follow instructions, and perhaps even increase overall awareness of Filipino food. The intended audience is anyone who has an interest in cooking, particularly trying to prepare Filipino dishes.

Filipino Cuisine: What Do I Need To Know?

Download the transcript for the "Filipino Cuisine: What Do I Need To Know?" video.

Additional Information

Infographic listing 8 fun facts about Filipino food

Image Source: Fun Facts about Filipino Food

The infographic above lists 8 common characteristics of Filipino cuisine. Topics include influences from other culturues, common flavors, and the general makeup of a Filipino dish.

Our Recipes

Currently, this website includes two of the most popular Filipino dishes. Recipes for additional dishes can be added as I continue to compile, document, and practice my family's recipes.

Estimated cooking time and difficulty level:
Dish Description Cooking Time Difficulty
Bistek Tagalog Savory beef stew 30 minutes Easy
Sinigang na Hipon Sour tamarind soup 45 minutes Easy